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Submitted manuscripts will undergo 3-step review process. As an exception, review articles commissioned by the editorial committee will not go through the double-blind peer review process. The peer review, acceptance, and publication schedule of manuscripts are processed according to the regulations of the editorial board and reviewing, and instructions to authors. The 3-step review process for the decision of acceptance are as following:
Step 1: All manuscripts submitted are reviewed and managed by the Editor-in-Chief or assigned to one of the Editors. The Editors are then responsible for the assigned manuscripts. This includes evaluating the content and format of the paper, selecting reviewers, monitoring the progress of the review process, evaluating the comments of reviewers, and carrying out a final check of accepted manuscripts for appropriate format and style.
Step 2: Two reviewers are typically selected per paper on the basis of the subject matter, available expertise, and the Editor’s knowledge of the field. Reviewers are normally asked to provide their assessments within two weeks. Anonymous copies of the reviews and the Editor’s decision regarding the acceptability of the manuscript are sent to the corresponding author by the Editor-in-Chief.
Step 3: During the Step 2 process, if reviewers differ in their evaluations, the Editor may reject the manuscript or select additional reviewers. These additional reviews are used by the Editor to assist in reaching the final decision regarding disposition of the manuscript.

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